On Wednesday, June 12th by a final vote of 147 – 48, our elected officials in the MA Legislature passed the Fair Share Amendment! This 75% favorable margin is the HIGHEST we’ve ever achieved for Fair Share.

Thank you to our activists and volunteers who gathered tens of thousands of signatures, contacted your legislators, made phone calls, and attended rallies to show your support for public investment in transportation and education!

Please take a moment to thank your legislator for their vote by signing the card at https://raiseupma.cp.bsd.net/co/fsathankyou

But even with this first win, the work isn’d done yet. 

This vote was the first of three constitutional hurdles for FairShare to soar passed. Now, Fair Share is positioned to be voted on in the next legislative cycle (2021-2022) where we’ll need more than 50% of the vote again, in order for our constitutional amendment to land on the 2022 ballot for ratification by all of us – the voters of Massachusetts. 

Congratulations and THANK YOU again!