Welcome To Our Website

Welcome To Our Website

Welcome To Our Website


Support #CorporateFairShare

We Need to Invest in Transportation Across Massachusetts, and It’s Time for Large, Profitable Corporations to Pay Their Fair Share! After years of underinvestment, Massachusetts’ transportation systems are at a crisis point. Because of the failures of our transportation systems, many working families in Massachusetts are struggling with lengthy...

Paid Family and Medical Leave Contributions Begin!

Last year, we passed one of the most comprehensive Paid Family and Medical Leave laws in the entire country. We could not have done it without the support of grassroots activists and volunteers going out, collecting over 177,000 signatures, and making over 50,000 calls to their legislators over the course of two years. And now, it’s time to see...

There are lots of great changes happening at the Coalition for Social Justice and we welcome YOU to become a part of them!

We’ve been committed to economic and social justice since our founding in 1994. Please take a look around our website and check out the current work we’re doing in the What We Do section. If you’re intrigued and want to get involved then please contact us. There is always work to do to move Massachusetts forward.

Fighting for our communities is our top priority.

In solidarity,

Deb Fastino

Executive Director