The Coalition for Social Justice’s Summer 2021 interns recently had a lesson on using art to communicate about issues we have been working on and wrote the following poems.

On housing (adapted)

There once was a renter named Emily
Whose landlord had no accountability
He raised up the rent,
by one hundred percent
And he never did fix the electricity

Our innocent tenant, miss Emily
always paid on time with consistency
but her income was spent
nearly all on the rent
And now she lives there in debt-misery

On Affordable, Accessible Childcare

When Covid kept kids home from school
The economy started to cool
Low-income moms
knew this all along
Free childcare should be the rule

On the Fair Share Amendment

The kids, they all say “eat the rich”
While the wealthy, they sneer and they bitch
But soon with Fair Share
Legislation will care
And we’ll be in a much better s’itch.