Our campaigns address the underlying root causes of economic inequality. These causes include discrimination and exclusion, and deeply affect the Gateway Cities we work in. This is why we have been part of two campaigns that would significantly improve the lives of immigrants and their families in MA.

With our help, we had speakers from the Southcoast attend hearings at the Massachusetts State House to share stories and support the speakers.

And this week, there was progress on two bills

First, the Safe Communities Act, which would help improve the relationship between immigrant communities and law enforcement was given an extension until May 1st. This shows that there is enough support inside the committee to advance the bill. While we continue to gather support and amend the bill to address specific concerns, we welcome this progress.

Second, the Work and Family Mobility Act, which would help families regardless of immigration status, obtain legal MA drivers licenses, was passed favorably out of committee. Hundreds of volunteers wrote postcards about the need for a standard license option that would especially help families in places like Southeastern MA who don’t have accessible ways to get to work, immigration appointments, and even hospitals.

We aren’t done yet! We still have work to do, so stay tuned for more opportunities to stand up for immigrants.