• WHEN: Saturday, Jan. 18th @ 1-3pm, (rain/snow date Jan. 19th)
  • WHERE: Coalition for Social Justice (CSJ) office, 105 William St., New Bedford, MA 02740
  • WHAT: March to the Ash Street Jail (corner of Union and Ash Street)

Three years ago, the Coalition for Social Justice led a protest against Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson’s plan to send inmates to build a border wall and opposed his signing of a 287g agreement to have state employees do ICE’s work!

Since then, Hodgson has made ICE his number one priority, and his prisoners’ lives and safety have consequently suffered.

And in the last three years Hodgson has been sued for several wrongful deaths, violations of civil liberties and the State Judicial Court’s Lunn decision, abuse of mentally ill prisoners, and receiving kickbacks from one of his vendors.

Two of Hodgson’s officers were convicted in a federal money-laundering scheme, and the state auditor found he had failed to reimburse the state for ICE revenue he collected and also failed to increase the fees charged to ICE for the custody and care of ICE detainees.

All while primarily lobbying for a group the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a hate group.

A recent American Civil Liberties Union public records request exposed 70+ emails between Hodgson and Trump’s white supremacist director of immigration policy, Stephen Miller, and over 600 communications with various Trump officials in the White House.

To underscore Hodgson’s neglect of his day job, there was not a single email discussing opioid treatments for his prisoners.

The ACLU emails also showed Hodgson reporting his own church to Miller for providing immigrants with cards informing them of their basic civil rights!

Bristol County for Correctional Justice (BCCJ) has consistently opposed Hodgson’s:

  • systematic cruelty toward people in his custody
  • indifference to his jail’s highest suicide rates in the state
  • denial of basic health care, medically assisted treatment, and decent food
  • exploitation of families through over-priced phone calls and canteen purchases
  • lack of rehabilitation programs and policies to help people stay out of jail
  • constant travel to Washington DC — all on the taxpayers’ dime

Hodgson is a total Failure as a Jailer – and we call upon him to resign.

For more information, call (508) 415-8385 or (508) 982-8751