Thank you to the folks who came out to the march against Parallel Products expansion and to all the work of Southcoast Neighbors United’s new Citizens Against Parallel Products Committee (CAPP).

NEW BEDFORD — Eighty-eight year-old Mary Myers wouldn’t let a one and a half mile walk stop her from voicing her opposition to the proposed Parallel Products expansion. Myers, along with around 50 others, participated in an Environmental Justice Walk on Saturday to raise awareness about Parallel Product’s plans to expand its recycling operation in the New Bedford Business Park to include glass, sewage sludge, and municipal waste.

“I’m going to try to do part of [of the walk] and get a ride part of the way,” Myers explained.

So with her walker and a neon yellow T-shirt that read “No Sewage No Trucks” and had a red no symbol over Parallel Products.

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