During the summer, as protests happened in cities and towns across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, put together a list of resources for people who knew that attending a rally or protest was not enough to get the kind of justice needed.

CSJ is honored to be included in’s list of organizations to support in Massachusetts to turn action into real change. We are there with many of our partners in the work, like the ACLU of MA.

Donations directly to the Coalition for Social Justice and the Coalition for Social Justice Education Fund are used to meet our mission of organizing grassroots power, develop leadership within low-income communities, creating a network of volunteers, building coalitions, providing information and holding elected officials accountable. We appreciate our work in Southeastern MA is being noticed and that people recognize they don’t have to live in Boston to make a difference.

Thank you to the many many new donors and volunteers who have come through this article. We look forward to working with you.