“Coalition for Social Justice is pleased to hear that Senator Warren will be prioritizing early education and care for all.  It’s a vital policy that will support parents, aide in the healthy development of children and help boost our economy.” — Deb Fastino, Coalition for Social Justice

The Coalition is a leader on issues of urgency to low-income families in MA, and consistently are trying to get the ear of leaders. We appreciate legislators like Senator Warren for coming to us to ask for our thoughts on policies happening in the Senate, and we were happy to supply her with a quote of support for tackling the childcare crisis in this country.

Washington, DC – United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) today unveiled a proposal outlining the Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act, a comprehensive plan to provide millions of families with free, high-quality child care and early learning options and to ensure that every family in the country can affordably access these services.

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