CSJ engaged in door to door outreach in 12 public housing developments, reaching out to 1072 voters and talking with 343 about the issues at stake in the 2018 election.  We also made calls to 816 non-English speaking voters, speaking to 312. We advocated for the three ballot questions and for the Democratic ticket, engaging voters who were not closely following the news.

On Question 3, CSJ took the lead on an ambitious canvassing project in Fall River and New Bedford, working with Freedom Mass., providing an opportunity to combat negative propaganda about Transgender rights.  We involved 8 canvassers doing 11 hours of door knocking each weekend.  We also made calls to voters and gathered signatures of support on postcards.  All together, we reached out to 15,520 voters, having productive conversations with 2849 voters and persuading most to vote Yes on Question 3.  We also organized calls to over 1,500 voters in support of Question 1.

We also knocked on doors and/or made phone calls to voters to advocate for progressive candidates for the state legislature and for District Attorney.  We played an important role in the successful re-election campaign of Representative Michelle Dubois in Brockton, helping her combat a right-wing hit campaign funded by out of state money attacking her for her courageous stand on issues of immigration and deportation.  And we helped Representative Jim Hawkins and Senators Julian Cyr, Jason Lewis, Paul Feeney and Jamie Eldridge win re-election to the State House.  We also contributed to the “Blue Wave” in the 2018 Congressional Mid-Term elections, making calls to voters in Maine in support of victorious Democratic candidate Jared Golden.  Altogether, CSJ reached out to over 7,700 voters and spoke with over 3000 to advocate for progressive candidates.