Lack of adequate transportation limits opportunities. This event will share stories highlighting local and statewide transit issues outside of Metro Boston. Meet on the Main Street side of the building.

Rides to the event can be arranged. Please contact the Coalition for Social Justice if you’d like to attend but need a ride.

Southeastern MA Transit Tour highlights regional needs for public transportation

6/20/19 Fall River, MA – Groups plan rally to highlight the need for more accessible and affordable public transportation in Southeastern Massachusetts. The event is Saturday, June 22, 2019 at City Hall, 1 Government Center in Fall River from 10-11am. The groups will be meeting on the Main Street side of the building. 

Representatives from the Coalition for Social Justice, Mass Senior Action, Green Justice Coalition, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), and Community Economic Development Center will be in attendance to share how their particular constituencies are affected by the current system. The local groups work in a coalition called Bus Riders United.

“Our goal is to make transportation more accessible and affordable. We are here to advocate for funding for RTA’s to increase service and prevent fare hikes, we need to expand hours to accommodate people who work non-traditional shifts and we need Sunday service,” said Sabrina Davis, event leader and Coalition for Social Justice organizer.” Making bus service more accessible and affordable will entice people to use public transportation, which will help reduce pollution. It is a win-win for people and the environment.”

Abel Perez, cancer patient and public transportation advocate is attending the rally because a lack of affordable and accessible public transit in MA made it hard for him to get the life-saving treatment he needed in Boston.  “I was lucky to have the personal resources to overcome it, but not everybody is so lucky,” said Mr. Perez.

Economic development advocates are also lining up on the issue. “People struggle to get to and from work, especially on weekends and in the evenings when bus service is lacking. Public transit is vital to helping people get ahead and improve their employment options.” stated Brian Pastori, Deputy Director of the New Bedford Community Economic Development Center.

“Public transit is critical for seniors throughout Southeastern MA. Seniors depend on it to get food, attend medical visits, and even visit with friends and family,” said Joan Pingley a volunteer leader with Mass Senior Action Council. “I appreciate the service we have but it does not meet everyone’s needs. We need to invest in a public transit system that is affordable and accessible for all.”

“There are a few issues that distract attention from our need to improve bus service in SE Mass. Our regional public transportation issues often get eclipsed by those in Metro Boston and the promise of completion for Southcoast Rail,” said Davis. “We can’t wait or be ignored any longer, the people of SE Mass deserve transportation justice.”

“I’ve heard people ask; “why do we need buses when people can just take rideshares, like Lyft or Uber,” said Jeannette Henderson. “The problem with services like these is that they cost upwards of $7-$10 each trip. For people on a fixed income, like myself, that is unaffordable. Ride shares are also challenging for people who aren’t good at technology and they are not accessible for people who are sight impaired or have a physical disability. Ridesharing is not a replacement for public transit.”

For more information contact Sabrina Davis, Fall River Organizer, Coalition for Social Justice or at (508) 685-1246.

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