Justice For Immigrants

This campaign focuses on uplifting immigrants in our communities. Specifically, the Safe Communities Act statewide and ordinances of the like are policies we stand behind. Using our police forces to track down undocumented immigrants creates a safety issue in our communities since any crime witnessed or committed against undocumented immigrants will go unreported. So far, we have coordinated a campaign to prevent Sheriff Hodgson from collaborating with ICE (federal immigration authorities) on its deportation policy.

Driving Families Forward Script

Driving Families Forward Script

Hi [Rep/Senator] _____________,  My name is _______________, and I am a constituent of yours that lives in [town] calling about important state legislation to support immigrant rights.  The Driving Families Forward coalition is working to pass the Work and Family...

Driving Families Forward

The Coalition for Social Justice supports the Driving Families Forward effort, which is working to grant legal driving licenses to undocumented immigrants. This form of ID would give undocumented immigrants a legal right to drive themselves to work, school, appointments, and errands, protecting their right to thrive in the United States. In addition, making it a legal right for many immigrants to drive themselves would improve the relationship between law enforcement and these vulnerable communities. The majority of immigrants in MA are black – either Brazilian, Cape Verdean, or from the Caribbean Islands. Lack of access to transportation is an economic and health barrier. Our region also has a growing Hispanic population and this issue keeps families together by improving the relationship between law enforcement and communities that have a negative history with the police.