Main Street Majority

For decades, Massachusetts’ legislative leaders have portrayed small businesses as uniformly rejecting progressive policy that improves job quality or raises public revenue.

The reality is that many small business owners benefit substantially from access to strong public programs like education, transportation infrastructure, a progressive tax code, and affordable and accessible childcare

Breaking the legislature’s leaderships’ entrenched false narrative urgently demands new stories by small businesses from across the state, and especially focusing on legislative leader’s home districts. When small businesses speak for themselves, legislators listen.

To create sustainable change and to address pressing revenue priorities, businesses, especially small businesses, must have a place in social justice and coalition work.

The Coalition for Social Justice’s “Main Street Majority” project is prepared to advance this goal. It supports the grassroots movement for progressive social change, by organizing with small business constituents, face-to-face, focusing on low-income neighborhoods and diverse communities, and in districts with leaders that would benefit having old paradigms challenged.

Current Campaigns
Fair Share Amendment
Transportation Revenue & Corporate Fair Share
Paid Family and Medical Leave Implementation
Campaign for Accessible, Affordable, High-Quality Education and Care

To get involved email Diana Painter, Lead Organizer at diana @