Immediate Paid Positions Available
to Help with Vaccination Outreach
Getting vaccinated is important not only to protect yourself, but your family as well. For the past few months, CSJ has been proud to help lead a vaccination campaign in Fall River and New Bedford because we believe that vaccines are safe, effective and important to our community.
If you have not gotten the vaccine yet, we want to help! You can text “vaccine” to 833-460-2202 and someone from our team will reach out to help you find an appointment.We can also bring the vaccine straight to your home if you aren’t able to go to a clinic. Please reach out and we will do everything we can to make this a quick and easy process. You can also visit to see a list of clinics.
Important info:
  • We have both Pfizer and J&J vaccines.
  • Vaccines are for ages 12 and up.
  • They are free, and you do not need ID or insurance.
If you’ve already been vaccinated, we need YOUR help!!!
Studies show people are more likely to get vaccinated when asked by a friend or family member. When you encourage someone to get vaccinated at one of our clinics, they can enter a contest to win a free iPad and if they win, you will win an iPad too for helping them! The more people you encourage, the more chances you have to win.
Also, we are looking for people to support our clinics between now and Aug 1 as either staff or volunteers. If you have any interest at all in talking to people about getting vaccinated, please let us know asap!!!
  • For a $25 per hour paid position, send an email to with subject line “Paid Canvasser” or you can put “Volunteer”.
Thank you for all your help protecting our community
For More Information Call Dax Crocker at (401-266-5862)