Compensation: $20.50/hr

Permanent Full time job (40 hours per week); combination of c3 and c4 work. Health and dental, paid vacation, childcare stipend, professional development and retirement benefits included. Flexible schedule and partially remote work.

Organization Background
The Coalition for Social Justice is dedicated to building a grassroots movement for progressive social
change viewed through a race and gender lens, rooted in communities that have been excluded from the
economic benefits of the current system. We have a dual focus: to recruit and develop leadership,
especially from low-income communities, and to build effective campaigns that address the economic
survival issues that our constituency faces. We build grassroots power through empowering low-income
voters, building a large network of volunteers, holding elected officials accountable and building broad
CSJ has earned a reputation for delivering local and statewide issue campaign objectives. We have been
able to build relationships with members and empower those members to use their voices and
experiences to promote important policies for all struggling individuals and families. Although we have
broadened our program, by taking statewide leadership on issue campaigns, we are first and foremost a
grassroots organization. In order to truly reflect the diversity of our communities and the lived experiences
of marginalized communities, we need to go deeper into this role will facilitate the deepening of

Essential Job Functions: Execute a strategy that builds a network of volunteers, identifies leaders and develops their outreach
skills in SE Mass. The focus will be on voter education and activation with populations facing economic
survival in communities with languages other than English that our communities speak.

Qualifications: Candidates should have experience in state-wide politics, a strong commitment to CSJ’s
mission, philosophy, issues and grassroots organizing.

Job responsibilities:

  • Schedule, supervise and participate in door to door and phone bank/text shifts
  • Deepen the relationship with current members and recruit new members in public housing and low-income neighborhoods, and communities in our base areas
  • Help develop leaders who can lead teams in their own housing developments and neighborhoods, and communities
  • Outreach through visits, calls, texts, emails and relationship building/organizing apps/software to boost communication. (training provided)
  • Create a list of volunteers in each city and organize canvassing teams
  • Develop volunteers into leaders of base building teams in their own housing developments and neighborhoods
  • Involve volunteer communities in thinking through outreach strategies to deepen involvement, recruitment and leadership development
  • Engage with local and statewide organizations/coalitions predominantly lead by and/or engaging with Hispanic/Latinx and immigrant individuals and communities.
  • Lead community meetings on our agenda and ensure that we have everything we need (translation services, materials, surveys, etc.) to include the voices of the community at various meetings including town halls, activist meetings, agenda setting meetings, etc.
  • Help identify and recruit affected and supportive individuals & groups to be active in CSJ campaigns and activities
  • Attend local and greater area coalition meetings, on organization’s behalf, and build relationships with coalition partners; may attend a statewide coalition tables that meets monthly or less and/or is less demanding
  • Understand the political nature of the work; realities that influence what is/isn’t possible at any time
  • Participate in high-capacity field programs for CSJ. These field campaigns integrate voter contact, grassroots organizing on issues, and leadership development
  • Maintain the database, create lists track all voter contact in the Voter Activation Network (training available)
  • Train and manage volunteers, leaders and outreach workers

Required Attributes and Skills:

  • Oral fluency in English and Spanish or Portuguese or other community languages spoken in our base areas
  • Shown commitment to the improvement of lives of people historically excluded from the benefits of the current system
  • Experience and understanding of statehouse functions
  • Self-motivation, the ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds, primarily orally
  • Organizational skills and ability to meet strict deadlines
  • Adaptable to changing needs and program priorities
  • Ability to work flexible but irregular hours in a fast paced, metrics- driven work environment
  • Flexibility and temperament to work in a constantly changing political environment
  • Positive attitude required; humor preferred
  • Ability to use Zoom for meeting attendance
  • Basic to intermediate ability to use technology for communication (smartphones, computers, video conference, online platforms like GSuite or MS Office)
  • Public speaking with ability to stay on message
  • Have a sense of how to engage legislators in a productive manner while standing your ground
  • Participate in strategic organizational planning and development for your area
  • Identify problems that need to be addressed and help develop solutions
  • Review and recommend local campaign policies to the staff using criteria; prepare to discuss viability, affected demographic groups, organizing potential and breath
  • Create/Attain/Share professional written materials (scripts, LTE’S/Op-Ed’s, press advisories/releases, social media, e-mail communications, texts etc.); check with ED for editing/approval/signature before releasing materials
  • Help organize and lead speaking programs
  • Ability to work with staff/volunteers to help draft testimony
  • Effective when speaking to groups, testifying on panels, presenting at forums
  • Engage in more routine roles as our local spokesperson (radio/tv, etc.)
  • Execute strategic campaign plans to gain commitments and build power
  • Help coordinate local events and help get turnout for regional/statewide events
  • Help draft a report for fundraising purposes
  • Engage in individual fundraising calls (contributions, sponsors, ads) and get results

Preferred Skills:

  • Previous experience on an issue/political campaign
  • Written fluency in Spanish, Portuguese or other community languages spoken in our base areas (Cape Verdean Creole, Haitian Creole, K’iche, etc.)
  • Social Media Competency – posting and sharing information on primarily Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
  • Database management experience, with priority on the Voter Activation Network
  • Advanced Zoom Skills, like creating breakouts, creating sign-ups, and presenting

Role will report to Executive Director

Equal Opportunity Policy:
Coalition for Social Justice is committed to a policy of non-discrimination, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Coalition for Social Justice abides by applicable federal and state constitutional and statutory processes mandating equal opportunity, including but not limited to the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, state and federal Family and Medical Leave Acts, the American with Disabilities Act and other relevant statutes.

To Apply:
Send a resume and informal cover letter about your interest to Deb Fastino, Executive Director at