The Coalition for Social Justice provides internships for students interested in participating in and learning about grassroots community organizing. The internships provide an opportunity for students to learn a variety of skills while at the same time contributing to the ongoing work of one of Massachusetts’ leading grassroots community organizations. This internship will have both a remote and an options for an in-person component, so it requires good self-management skills.

The internships will run from 13 weeks and can require from 5 – 10 hours per week depending upon student’s availability or course needs. Interns will be trained and supervised by CSJ organizers. Supervisor will be assigned by primary campaign interest. Additional staff may
oversee particular duties. Students will be involved in grassroots campaigns to advocate for progressive public policy changes that address issues faced by struggling families, disadvantaged youth, as well as others affected by social inequalities. Issues include housing, fair taxes, pollution & climate change, criminal justice reform, immigrant justice, housing, paid family and medical leave, access to childcare, preserving the welfare safety net, and civic engagement.

Attending lobby-days and rally, phone banks, canvasses; meeting with legislators and staff;
attending statewide coalition meetings and attending CSJ meetings like trainings, activist
meetings, or planning meetings; coordinating volunteers; and planning and executing events.

Primary Tasks

  1. Engage with community residents and CSJ members through outreach, phone and text message, around civic engagement activities such as registering to vote, being prepared to vote, encouraging non-partisan activities in elections and other campaigns as they arise. (~4 hours a week).
  2. Engage with residents and small businesses, as well as community leaders through door-to-door canvassing (following public health and safety protocols) in public housing and other impacted neighborhoods (~3 hours a week).
  3. Organize community residents in campaigns that will call on elected officials to support public policies and budget items that tackle issues affecting struggling families (~2 hours a week)
  4. Work on special projects that help move campaigns forward (~2 hours a week)
  5. Interns will also be responsible for understanding pressing social problems and the policies that correspond to them, to be prepared to meet with elected officials on these issues. Training on these policies will be provided.

Skills and Experiences Acquired
Interns will have the opportunity to gain an array of skills and experience for a variety of career fields through our program.

  1. Learning and practicing the elements of community organizing
  2. Learning the elements of public policy advocacy and developing practical advocacy skills
  3. Interpersonal communications skills
  4. Interacting with diverse populations
  5. Developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  6. Understanding the process of public policy making

Interns will be reimbursed for travel expenses related to the internship, but there is no stipend attached to this experience for Fall 2021.

To Apply
Email Diana Painter at with why you are interested in the internship and what topic is of primary interest. Include phone number and the campaign lead will follow-up to set up a phone interview.