Common Start

Regional Chapter Coordinator

Greater Boston or Brockton

Project Timeline:

This project is a 2-4 year campaign to continually engage stakeholders from policy creation to passage.

2022 is the start of year two. Common Start is the campaign and for progress to date visit

Time Commitment & Compensation:

The role will require about 10 hours a week. Requirements include attendance at the Common Start

statewide monthly meeting, a monthly 2-hour chapter meeting in the evening that you coordinate and

facilitate, afternoon field team meetings twice a month, conference calls with other coordinators and

statewide events. Hours outside of the meetings are flexible. Compensation: $10,000/yr.

Background and Project Goals:

The Massachusetts campaign for Affordable and Accessible High-Quality Early Education and Care is

lifting up the voices of families, early educators, and multiple stakeholders to promote a childcare

systems reform agenda. The intent is to advance legislation that introduces structural reforms to our

state’s child care system that increases investment in the early educator workforce, infuses additional

resources into programs that promote excellence in delivery of child care and early education, and to

solve for financial barriers faced by families seeking affordable, high-quality childcare and early learning


The coalition filed a bill on February 16, 2021. The state-funded policy will include free child care for

lower income families and a progressive sliding-scale fee structure that averts cliff-effects. In addition,

the legislation prioritizes adequately compensating providers and early educators for their professional

services. An important part of the campaign is to lift up parent and educator voices, using a range of


The coalition is seeking regional coordinators to help facilitate this process through regional chapters.

Chapters will be comprised of the same stakeholder sectors as the full coalition (community, labor, faith

leaders, business, women’s groups, childcare providers, and other advocates) but will also include the

participation of individuals who are currently utilizing, seeking care or employed as early educators. The

model will build critical advocacy campaign skills and lift up the civic and political leadership of early

educators, families, and community leaders.

Overview of Responsibilities:

● Lead a table of stakeholders to inform decisions and build trusting relationships that will

increase collaboration

● Set and prepare meetings and agendas

● Recruit community stakeholders, families, and early educators

● Develop local leadership by mentoring family members and early educators to speak for


● Recruit chapter co-leaders to help with activities/events

● Communicate via email, phone, text, and in-person, including sharing meeting reminders

● Work with Field First Strategies to maintain an accurate database of members

● Help to utilize the language skills of members for translation services

● Organize and educate family members, colleagues, friends, and neighbors about the campaign

● Invite members to participate in all decision-making activities

● Help to collect stories from affected people to highlight the struggles of families in accessing

affordable high-quality early education and care

● Participate in all coalition coordinated activities including but not limited to letter to the editor

campaigns, participating in delegation visits, providing quotes for newspapers, holding phone

banks, and door to door canvassing

● Assist with organizing and turnout of town halls with legislators

● Develop regional capacity to drive and implement future economic justice campaigns

● Report your work on a weekly basis through a Google form that captures important details


● Connections to organizations in the region

● History of leadership working with families

● History of advocacy or service on behalf of low-income and racially diverse families and


● Understanding of the local political landscape. Relationships with regional elected officials a plus

● Diplomacy when facilitating meetings

● History of working in coalition with multiple stakeholders

● Some understanding of the legislative process and policy

● Bilingual in English/Spanish or English/Portuguese is a plus, but not required

Accountable To: Coalition for Social Justice Executive Director

Equal Opportunity Policy:

Coalition for Social Justice is committed to a policy of non-discrimination, equal employment

opportunity and affirmative action. Coalition for Social Justice abides by applicable federal and state

constitutional and statutory processes mandating equal opportunity, including but not limited to the

14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, state and

federal Family and Medical Leave Acts, the American with Disabilities Act, and other relevant statutes.

Application Instructions:

Send a resume and informal cover letter to Anna Hueston, Coalition for Social Justice, Identify in your email which region you prefer (Greater Boston,

Brockton, or Western MA). Interviews will be held on a rolling basis until roles are filled.