Common Start Regional Action Team Members –
Boston, Brockton, Cape Cod, Worcester


The Massachusetts campaign for Affordable and Accessible High-Quality Early Education and Care is lifting the voices of families, early educators, and multiple stakeholders to promote a childcare systems reform agenda. The coalition filed a Bill on February 16, 2021. The state-funded policy will include free childcare for lower income families and a progressive sliding-scale fee structure that averts cliff-effects. In addition, the legislation prioritizes adequately compensating center, home-based providers, and early educators for their professional services. An important part of the campaign is to lift parent and educator voices, using a range of strategies.


Overview of Responsibilities

  1. Organizing to support effective use of federal childcare funding
  2. Outreach and education initiatives with childcare providers and families
  3. Engagement of childcare providers and families on policy development


Action Team Members would implement a combination of calls to voters to gauge interest about childcare policy provisions and to schedule meetings with providers in marginalized communities and get permission to engage early educators and families. Meet with directors, owners, early educators, and families to discuss a survey that will help increase our understanding about where federal dollars should be spent. Hand out information to owners, directors, early educators, and families about state and national policies that would serve their needs. Collect stories to broaden our story collection effort.  And contact information would help build and strengthen local chapters by increasing decision-making throughout the legislative and administrative process; especially from those traditionally left out of the conversation.


Your Personal Outcomes

  1. Surveys – 100
  2. Handouts – 1,000
  3. Story Collection – 50
  4. New Chapter Prospects – 70



  • Advocacy experience on behalf of low-income and racially diverse families and individuals
  • Phone bank experience
  • Canvassing experience
  • Some understanding and a willingness to learn about the legislative process and policy


Time Commitment

The role will require 10 hours a week. Depending on the task, it will include evenings and weekends. Phone banks will be no earlier than 5pm and no later than 8pm, unless it is on Saturday, then 9am to noon or 4pm to 8pm. Canvassing other than scheduled times with providers, etc. will be weekdays and/or Sundays from 5pm to sunset. Saturday from 9am to noon and 4pm to sunset. Meeting with supervisor and/or coordinator for one hour included per week. Some fixed schedule but most is flexible.


Project Timeline: This project will conclude on November 19, 2021.

Compensation:  $200.00 per week stipend based on successful progress towards goals.