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  • Earned sick time good for families, businesses

    Monday, 27 October 2014

    THINK ABOUT THE people you know who don’t have earned sick time. Maybe it’s your sister. Maybe it’s your neighbor. Maybe it’s the man who bags groceries for you every week, or the woman who keeps your office building clean. Nearly 1 million Massachusetts workers cannot take a single day of paid sick time to visit the doctor, take care of a sick child, or help an elderly parent. We can guarantee access to earned sick time for all workers by voting “yes” on Question 4 in November.

  • Yes on 4 arguement: Legislature route too slow, yielded no results

    Sunday, 26 October 2014

    FALL RIVER — They tried the legislative route for years, Deb Fastino said. They told their elected officials the horror stories they had heard — of mothers sending sick children to school, of men an women reporting to work while nursing pneumonia or broken bones. Eight years of work convinced advocates that local legislators did not have the courage needed to pass a law mandating paid sick time. “The local legislators are all afraid of their local businesses going crazy on them,” said Fastino, the executive director for the Coalition for Social Justice. “They are afraid to upset the local businesses. At the same time, they agree this is good policy.

  • Politi-Beat Sunday Roundup: Paid sick time advocates have roots in Fall River

    Politi-Beat Sunday Roundup: Paid sick time advocates have roots in Fall River

    Sunday, 26 October 2014

    The Coalition for Social Justice, an organization based in Fall River, has been working for the past eight years to get legislation passed that would make earned sick time a state law. With that effort failing to gain much traction, CSJ Executive Director Deb Fastino, in coordination with other social advocacy groups in the state formed Raise Up Massachusetts. Focusing on a two-pronged attack aimed at making the law possible through legislation or referendum.

  • Yes on Question 4: Earned sick time for all

    Yes on Question 4: Earned sick time for all

    Saturday, 25 October 2014

    QUESTION 4 on the November ballot is a sweeping measure that would provide all Massachusetts workers the chance to earn sick leave — in many cases, with pay. If passed, the referendum would put Massachusetts in line with a handful of forward-thinking cities and just two other states, California and Connecticut. The measure is a welcome opportunity for the Commonwealth to lead, and voters should approve it. The ballot measure, promoted by labor unions and endorsed by some business groups, hospitals, and economists, would allow workers to earn up to 40 hours per year of sick leave — an hour of leave for every 30 hours they work. This leave could also be used to care for a sick child, spouse, or parent. Workers for companies with 10 or fewer employees would earn unpaid leave; workers for companies with 11 or more employees would be paid for their time off. The measure would apply to part-time workers as well, and would affect nearly one-third of Massachusetts workers — about 900,000 people, many of them in low-wage jobs. It would allow home health care workers to receive the benefit, as well, by classifying them as state employees for the purposes of the law.

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